We are undertaking a massive project to rescue the former Sealink ferry Horsa from demolition.  The MF Horsa used to serve the UK Folkestone to French ports route.  The ship was sold in the 90’s to a Greek company who continued to operate it as a passenger ferry in the Mediterranean until 2013 when it was laid up in Greece.

The last remaining of a family of three ferries its sister ships MF Senlac & MF Hengest have now both been scrapped.  The MF Horsa (and its sister ferries) have a big history and heritage in the UK.

Children today simply see the new cross channel ferries come and go a bit like modern trains.  As horrible as they were towards the end slam door trains are a massive part of our Railway heritage as much, so these ships are to our Cross-Channel heritage.

Our plans are to return the ship to her former Sealink livery and create a versatile platform in which to educate people in the history of cross channel ferries which can be constantly updated as time moves on.  It will be a time warp for children and adults of today being as she was when in active service in the 80’s

The first stage of our plan, which is well underway is to obtain the vessel & prevent her getting scrapped, then recover her back from her current moored location in Greece.  Once back in UK waters the massive task of surveying and ripping out the current livery to return her back to her Sealink Heritage Days.

The Project

Two images of MF Horsa in its current mooring